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"Speak the Truth and your Experience…
you will be heard and understood!"


THESE FEW WORDS OF WISDOM were given by God/Spirit in response to my asking in a moment of frustration and concern, "How can I really be heard and understood when speaking to a gathering?" "Speak the Truth and your Experience and you will be heard and understood!" are the words that are comforting, supportive and assuring to me. I hear them and center on them before every T.V., radio or public speaking appearance.


I would like to share the following truths and personal experiences:


Life is simple (could be)

We as humans make life complicated by participating in the social and moral disorder referred to as the Rat Race. For years, the American people bought into the "enemy concept." We were told there is an enemy out there and our lives depended on making more weapons and increasing our military strength. Supposedly, the Russians wanted to turn the U.S. into a communist country; in fact, their real major concern was to get enough bread to eat. Now, we are told the answer to the alarming increase in crime is to build more jails and prisons. At a very early age, we are taught to give up our power. We often give up our power and responsibility for ourselves to the government, the medical profession, the churches and attorneys. We have allowed the television to propagandize and lie to us and our children.

  When will all this madness stop? When we assume the responsibility for our Mind, Body and Spirit.
  World peace begins with us - it requires that we love one another and accept the differences between our races and cultures. We need to concentrate and focus on our global oneness and protect Mother Earth. It is imperative that we recognize the individual and our common need for peace, acceptance, love, health, spirituality and brotherhood. Positive change begins with the concern and actions of loving, caring and sharing people, like you and I.

Messengers of Truth (that never lie)

· God and God Spirit
· Your Inner Voice (God/Spirit Guide/Guardian Angel)
· Your Body (it stores the Truth in the chakras)

Life · Karma · Destiny

· 80% of our lives we are responsible for and are the decision makers
· 20% is our Karmic Path or Destiny

Why do we have problems with our 80%?

· We have blocks and negative influences

What causes blocks and negative influences?

· Past Lives - events and mental conclusions from your past lives stuck in your subconscious.
· Spirits - Earthbound Spirits, like in the movie Ghost, and Dark Side/Evil Spirits
· Old Tapes - Phrases, words or conclusive thoughts originating from your past lives or present life stuck in your subconscious.

There are only 3 Healing Sources

· God/Healers (channeling God/Spirit Healing Energy)
· Truth - Discovering the actual cause of your block: "The truth shall set you free."
· Unconditional Love - the strongest living power known in the universe.

My Life Purpose (which I learned from past lives)

1. Teach and share unconditional love.
2. Give people options for their personal growth and healing through mirroring, psychic readings and Block Removal Therapy.
3. Heal by touch, laying-on of hands, directing energies and any other method as an extension of God.

    My Personal Belief and Experiences

You can remove blocks, negative influences and create positive changes in your life in a very short period of time - sometimes as short as 3 to 6 sessions. Block Removal Therapy focuses on the cause and is a fast results-oriented approach, which does not requires a large outlay of money nor take years of time and emotion.

If these truths, personal experiences and beliefs make sense to you, and you have concerns in the areas of:

· Relationships
· Spiritual Path
· Career Path
· Prosperity Consciousness
· Personal Growth
· Business Problems
· Health
    ….and are willing to make a sincere commitment to your self for healing and/or positive growth, please call me to discuss any questions at (510) 658-7792.
    It is my sincere hope that these truths and experiences will assist in your spiritual awareness, personal growth and healing.

Healingly Yours,
Jim Downey


    Read Jim Downey's Biography


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