Most of us have heard Ghost stories, sometimes from someone who was actually present and experienced the Ghost personally.
  A Ghost is a spirit of a person who was once alive and had a body through which it expressed. Even though the Ghost has lost its body, it retains its distinct motives, emotions, egos and memories.
  Ghosts may be shy and not want to be noticed. When a Ghost wants to communicate, it will usually appear directly in front of a person. It may display many moods and be very playful to the extent of moving objects and making sounds. Ghosts have also been known to have their own odor (this is not to be confused with the distinct, pungent repulsive odor of a Demonic Spirit).
  Despite the skepticism of disbelievers and the denials of questionable scientists and parapsychologists, credible reports and actual photographs of ghostly visitations have flourished and substantially increased throughout the ages.
  An explanation needs to be provided concerning the differences between a Ghost and a Spirit Visit. When a person who has passed on appears, it may be a Spirit Visit. This occurs when the spirit has one of the following needs:

1. To tell a relative or friend that he or she (the Spirit) is safe, well and everything is O.K.

2. To assist the person, who is experiencing the visit, in some way, like providing information, direction or a warning.

  Poltergeists are ghost-related manifestations. Poltergeist activity results when a Ghost attains a large, nearby energy source. It may seem as if the Ghost is angry, as objects are thrown across a room, or a knife hurled into the air. In actuality, the Ghost is trying to get attention by directing electromagnetic energy.
  The truth of the matter is - it usually takes only one actual, live experience to be a believer and know, without a doubt, all Ghosts are Real!

    Evil has been recognized and feared as a negative, destructive, pain-causing force since the beginning of time. The most primitive civilization to the most advanced civilization knows of its existence. Age, profession, education, intelligence, race or religion has never been the determining or influencing factor in experiencing evil.
  Even though there may never be total agreement as to where evil originates, there are some common truths concerning the power it possesses and the degree of influence it may cause in a person's life.
  The most common questions concerning evil are:

1. How do you recognize Evil?

Although it may not be possible to recognize Evil by the way it looks, sounds, moves or smells, Evil can always be recognized by its effect. Evil always manifests as lies and deception. When Evil is present, the negative/destructive energy progresses in the following way:

Confusion = Control = Pain (physical and/or emotional)


2. What are the limitations of Evil?

Evil cannot hold a deception indefinitely. In fact, when revealed and challenged by God or a representative of God, the deception may cease within a matter of minutes. The affected person immediately becomes aware of the deception and recognizes they have some control over their life. This awareness is often the beginning of hope for the person who felt hopeless and in despair.


3. What are the forms, characteristics, disguises and manifestations of Evil?

The most common form of Evil is a Demonic. A Demonic can vary in size, (seldom over 7 to 8 feet in height) and often has small gargoyle-type underlings that do its bidding and assist in the more violent behavior. Most Demonics manifest a structure similar to humans and always have a horrible, frightening appearance as their real and permanent face. Sometimes, Demonics can be seen as an overlay, similar to a double exposure, on the person they are possessing. Demonics can also disguise, hide behind and hover around the influenced person, and can cause physical manifestations. Since deception is a primary emphasis of Evil, it can create a vast range of disguises and manifestations.


4. How does Evil affect and influence our lives?

Evil can affect and influence our lives either directly and obviously, or not so directly and obviously, in the following ways:

A. The Direct and Obvious Ways Evil Affects and Influences

Possession - inside the body (spirit attachment)
Hovering - behind or outside the body
Haunting - in a house or other physical area
Demonic Homicide - killing involving body mutilation
Demonic Suicide - killing while under an Evil influence
Satanic Cults - compromises a person's spiritual sovereignty
Ouija Boards
Automatic Writing

B. The Indirect and Not So Obvious Ways Evil Affects and Influences

Spiritual Detachment

Love Detachment
Sex Detachment

5. How can a person be protected from Evil?

First, everyone can protect himself or herself from Evil by avoiding the direct and obvious ways Evil affects and influences. Second, everyone can be aware of and avoid the indirect and not so obvious way Evil affects and influence. Third, most Evil can be prevented by doing all of the following:

A. Meditation
B. Prayer
C. Avoidance of Evil and Evil people
D. Seeking professional assistance when there is a feeling of any of the following:
Continued confusion
Feeling of being controlled
Loss of identity
Feeling of lack of reality
Feeling of being watched
Repetitious, scary dreams
Loss of self-love
    Evil can always be removed from a person or location. The possessed, or affected person needs to be exorcised and have the darkside spirits removed immediately.
    The most misunderstood belief with regards to evil is the person who practices evil is rewarded for his or her evil deeds. This belief is a misconception of people and a deception of evil.
    CAUTION - Not all ministers, rabbis and/or priests perform exorcisms and spirit releases. An attempt to release Evil spirits by incompetent or inexperienced professional may result in additional Evil influences, possessions or attachments. Exorcisms and the removal of Evil can only be accomplished by the joint effort of God and a representative of God, one who is under a spiritual conviction to enter into this partnership.
    (See Exorcisms, Spirit Release Therapy, Block Removal Therapy)


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