(A Laying On of Hands Approach)
    Everyone experiences Blocks in his or her life. Few people understand the simplicity of removing these Blocks, as very few people (including traditional therapists) understand the actual cause, or root, of the Blocks. All Blocks originate and have their cause in one or more of the following:
Past Life Old Tapes
Present Life Old Tapes
Dark Side Spirit
Earthbound Spirits (once had a human body)
Unresolved Past Lives
  To be effective, the traditional therapy approach (talk therapy, etc.) often requires a great deal of money and time. In fact, the progress of this approach is directly measured in the amount of time and money invested. In contrast, Block Removal Therapy (a Brief Therapy approach) is fast (two to six sessions) and experientially effective, allowing a person to attain immediate positive growth in the form of healings/breakthroughs while simultaneously allowing the person to realize there is hope in their immediate future.
  The reason traditional therapy and/or counseling requires so much time and money is due to the therapist's approach of merely addressing the symptoms of the Blocks. Although this does allow the person to cope on a limited basis, the root problem still exists.
  Addictive behavior is a good example. When a person seeks traditional counseling to stop such behavior (alcohol, drugs, etc.) the symptoms of the addiction may cease, but because the Block has not been addressed, the symptoms will be transferred, traded or exchanged for a new addiction. This transferring continues until the Block (cause) is finally resolved. Just one Block can cause hundreds of symptoms.

Block Removal Therapy results in the following:

1. Increases, enhances and empowers:
     a. Relationships
     b. Prosperity
     c. Career
     d. Sexuality
     e. Peace of mind
     f. Spiritual growth
     g. Physical & mental health
2. Eliminates mind chatter
3. Eliminates old tapes and dark side negative energy
4. Provides positive direction
5. Removes emotional & physical pain
6. Increases options
7. Provides an experience of unconditional love
8. Teaches you how to love and accept yourself & God unconditionally
9. Allows you to understand God, and your relationship with God
10. Creates positive balance in your life
  Block Removal Therapy is effective with anyone who is sincere in wanting to heal and prefers not to identify with his or her symptomatic condition. This approach will also allow the person to experience, sense and take their power, often for the first time in their life.
  Removing blocks not only heals in many ways, but also enables a person to identify and take their power. The freed person becomes more loving, caring and sharing, allowing them to realize their life purpose and experience harmony. They can continue on with life lessons and personal growth.


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