Since the beginning of time, we have had evil. All religions and civilizations recognize the choice between good and evil. Demonic spirit possession's main purpose is to create emotional and/or physical pain. Demonic energy causes pain with three deliberate distinguishable influences, the first being confusion, the second being control, the third being emotional and/or physical pain.


The question is frequently asked, "Since demonic energy is so deceptive, how does one tell when evil is present?" Demonic energy cannot always be identified by its appearance, the way it sounds, or even by the way it feels, but it can always be identified by its effect it produces.


Demonic spirit possession is rampant in the United States and the rest of the world, and is the basis for most violent crimes. In fact, as an expression of evil, the five main objectives of demonic spirit possession are: (1) confusion (2) control (3) violence (4) emotional/physical pain (5) degradation and demeaning of humans. The levels of demonic spirit possession can be best understood by dividing the evil influence into three classifications:

First Level - limited influence, causing the person to feel and sense confusion, lack of unity and Blocks in his or her life.
Second Level - increasing influence with constant difficulty in life; addictions are common, emotional highs and lows, anger and fear. The person may have considered or started some form of traditional therapy (talk therapy, group therapy, etc.), or a 12-step program.
Third Level - completely controlled, with very limited sense of reality, and with no connection or awareness of God.


Demonic possession (evil) is so deceptive and manifests in such a subtle manner, it is usually not distinguishable or obvious in the early levels or stages.


Exorcism (removal of demonic energy) is performed by the joint effort of God and a representative of God, usually a priest, rabbi, minister or spiritually appointed person. The exorcist is under conviction of God to enter into this serious healing and sometimes, as in Level Three, life-saving transformation.


Exorcisms are never a danger or threat to the person being exorcised - but, if the exorcist as a representative of God does not follow the laws and procedures of God, the exorcist is placed in considerable danger and risk.


Be forewarned that demonic energy disguises and hides under the guise of imposters and cult groups. These imposters, anti-Christ and cult groups only reinforce and add more dark energy (blocks) and always interfere with a person's spiritual sovereignty.


Casting out of Demons and negative, destructive influences not only heals in many ways, but also enables a person to identify and take their power. The freed person becomes more loving, caring and sharing, allowing them to realize their life purpose and experience harmony. They can continue on with life lessons and personal growth.



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